Tuesday, September 18, 2012

(I)                           Professional standardization-  
Homoeopathic medicines dispensed and used since Dr Hahnemann’s Era
Homoeopathic medicines dispensed and packed in this modern era

With availability of blister packing machine, standard of homoeopathic system of medicine has been improved.

(II)                  Maintaining cause-
Along with our homoeopathic medicines which are based upon holistic approach ( including blood group to form symptom totality) if we give due consideration to maintaining cause many life threatening diseases can be managed for example, following justification can be given, particularly for the cases belonging to blood group B.
Symptoms observed in this blood group  :
·        Weak memory
·        General debility
·        Hypoglycaemia after having meal
·        Cramps in calf < during sleep
·        Unrefreshing sleep
·        Prone to Chronic Sinus Infection
·        Higher rate of kidney infection
·        Desire for sweets after meal
·        Desire – ice cream, tomato,
·        Stool- just or few minutes after having wheat in their meals
·        Dislikes for pumpkin. brinjal
Hence the maintaining cause found in this group of patients is:
Dairy products;    Ice cream
CEREALS –          Wheat
VEGETABLES - Pumpkin, radishes, tomato.
Fruits -                 Coconut, pomegranates, star fruit
JUICES -             Tomato juice (ketchup)

Keeping in mind the aforesaid, following Homoeopathic medicines can be used along with constitutional remedy, in order to avail complete cure
1)  Alfa Alfa with ginseng + vitamin b12 concerning symptoms related to indigestion and abdominal discomfort
 2) Lecithin -for anaemia, common in young girls
 3) Gingko biloba- amnesia(nerve tonic)(which begins in elderly persons but also seen in young adults)
 4) kali phos -(to enhance muscle activity and ameliorates the complaints   related to cramps in calf region)
5) Gnaphylium – cramps in calf
6) Petroselenium – kidney infection
7) Collinsonia – sinusitis
8) Mag carb – nervous disorders, fatigue, depression, low immunity. Adequate magnesium is necessary for proper muscle functioning.  Magnesium deficiency promotes excessive muscle tension, leading to muscle spasms, tics, restlessness, and twitches.  This is due to an imbalance of the ratio of calcium to magnesium, as calcium controls contraction, while magnesium controls relaxation. magnesium also affects carbohydrate metabolism in a different manner, as a magnesium deficiency appears to create resistance to insulin,  Insulin resistance increases levels of insulin, which may result in  a form of diabetes.
(III) Clinical   Investigations should be performed in this group of patients
  (1)– Food allergy- for wheat, tomato, coconut.
  (2) HbA1C - glycolated haemoglobin-more prone to type I diabetes
  (3) Serum creatinine & serum potassium –kidney functioning
            (4)  Serum iron-
a) Elevated in  HaemochromatosisAplastic anaemiaHaemosiderosisHaemolytic    anaemiasPernicious anaemia
b)Decreased in  Iron deficiency anaemiaNephrosisChronic renal insuffiencyParoxysmal nocturnal haematuria.
EXERCISE Profile :  (three times a week 30 – 40 mins.)       
  Cycling,   swimming,  jogging,  brisk walking
Conclusion : Since the homoeopathic system of medicine is purely based upon keen observation therefore it is the duty of the physician to also analyse and evaluate  the maintaining cause with help of clinical investigation. 

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