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Homoeopathy & Bikaner: Stretch Marks

Homoeopathy & Bikaner: Stretch Marks: Most of us pick up stretch marks at some point in our lives, whether it be from growing, rapid weight gain or loss, puberty, or carrying ...

Stretch Marks

Most of us pick up stretch marks at some point in our lives, whether it be from growing, rapid weight gain or loss, puberty, or carrying a child.

​Everybody gets stretch marks (also known as striae). While not harmful, stretch marks are not very cosmetically appealing. Whether yours are from puberty, pregnancy, weight loss/gain or simply a change in shape, they can be fixed.
Stretch marks are usually caused by relatively rapid pulling or stretching of the skin. This usually happens over several weeks or months, however stretch marks can appear rapidly and without warning.
Pregnant women often experience the most severe cases, however, bodybuilders and even normal teens can get stretch marks.
Typical symptoms of stretch marks are red or purple marks in a linear pattern, usually on the hips, upper thighs, arms, breasts or stomach. Although it is not at all uncommon to have stretch marks in other areas. Stretch marks occur as a result of tearing of the dermis, which is the middle, support layer of the skin.
It is very difficult to prevent stretch marks, as they can appear without warning and quite often follow rapid changes in body size. However, it can be possible to prepare for stretch marks during pregnancy by beginning an early procedure of skin care.
There is no immediate, surefire way to completely eradicate stretch marks. However, there are several options which can help you reduce and eventually remove your stretch marks. The effectiveness of these treatments depends on your age, skin type, ethnicity, diet and body shape.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

smoking cessation

Smoking cessation refers to quitting smoking. Quitting smoking is not easy, but there are things you can do to increase your chances of success.
Why it is hard to quit smoking? An addictive drug called Nicotine is present in all tobacco products. Smoking tobacco, and other forms of tobacco use, creates an addiction to nicotine. Addictive drugs like nicotine cause changes in the brain that create good feelings when used and unpleasant feelings (withdrawal symptoms) when discontinued. Nicotine addiction is one of the hardest addictions to break.
Getting Ready to Quit Smoking: 
• Determine a quit date.
• Choose a method for quitting.
• Decide with your health care provider if you need medicines to help you quit.
Tips for Quitting Smoking: 
• Eat a balanced diet, stay well hydrated and well-rested.
• Get a little exercise every
• Select healthy alternatives to reduce urges.
• Ask for support from family and friends.
• Don’t give up. It may take several attempts.
Tools for Quitting Smoking: 
1. Nicotine Replacement Therapies
2. Common drug therapies for nicotine withdrawal
3. Counseling for smoking cessation

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Anxiety Neurosis

Role of Major Homoeopathic Remedies in the Treatment of cases of Anxiety Neurosis      
Defination :
         Anxiety may be defined as a state of anticipation of something unpleasant about to happen, Accompanied by a feeling of inner tension and somatic manifestations Such as - Tense muscles, Sweating ,Tremor  ,Tachycardia .
         Although anxiety is a symptom of many psychological disorders, there is a state in which it dominates the picture and this is known as anxiety neurosis. This is most common form of psychoneurosis.
    Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder
(i)Psychological  - Apprehension, Fear of impending disaster, Irritability, Depersonalisation.
(ii)Somatic symptoms- Tremor , Sweating , Palpitations, Chest pain, Breathlessness , Headache, , Dizziness,.Diarrhoea, Frequency of micturation, Initial insomnia, Poor concentration.
   Comparision of some remedies      


Ars iod

Arg nit


Much more an anxiety remedy than an anger remedy
States resulting from sudden terror, or fright, or accident, resulting in fear of death, of crowds, of crossing the street, of the future.

Are nervous and restless.
Become oversensitive and fault-finding.
Attached to money, to people with lots of influence, power and are afraid to lose them because they want their support
A warm blooded person with all symptoms of Ars.

Apprehensive kind of anxiety that often makes them  feel impulsive and hurried.

Fear of heights , desire for sweets,
warm blooded, poor digestion with bloating
Sense of fear similar to Gelsemium

Aurum has anxiety about duty.
Debility from mental labor 
Melancholic mood with restlessness and longing for death. He does nothing but ask questions.
 From slightest opposition he flies into a heated passion and anger
Fear of specters , delusion that they see ghosts. Totally unaware of reality.
Resembles lot of Cal and Bell can be indicated in acute stages of Cal.

Anxiety associated with horrible pain in stomach. He can faint with the pain in stomach.
A definite desire for company.
Company to complain to
The main anxiety
in Bry will be about
the future,
about his retirement,
 about his pension
fund, about his
Despair of recovery.

Effects of vexation,
leaving irritability,
 with chill and
coldness of body



Calc phos


Carbo veg 


Sensation that his heart is going more quickly or will stop suddenly.
Palpitations from disappointment in his love affairs.
Fear of death

Every time when you have a person with many fears, in the first place think about Calc and Phos.
The anxiety of Calc is especially about what people would think of him. He is worried that people could observe how confused is he.
Anxiety about the future, about money, about being robbed, about being poor, like in Bry.
Horrible stories, car accident on television, threat of nuclear war etc bring on terrible anxiety.They are easily  embarrassed.
Horrible things and sad stories affect profoundly. Ailments from bad news.
Anxiety will drive from place to place.
It is an inner restlessness, an inner excitement, an inner discontentment, like Tuberculinum.
Children show anxiety on raising from the cradle [opp Bor]
Anxiety in thunderstorm, fear of thunderstorm

Anxiety in states of collapse, with an icy cold feeling of the whole body eg . in cholera
Strange mental symptom is feeling better by thinking of pain.
Cannabis indica -Anxiety and fear is to lose control. An overactive mind with much theorizing, afraid to become insane. Often grind their teeth in sleep and are very forgetful. Have to write everything down to the last detail.

Anxiety about darkness and ghosts.
Resembles a lot like Ars but is less fearful than Ars
Much more indifference in Carbo veg and they are very shy like Puls.

Anxiety of china is out of suspicion.
He fears some kind of misfortune.
He has absolutely no confidence in the world around him.

Has a fear of being alone.
Anxiety of pregnant women    
Anthrophobia  , yet fears to
 be alone. Weakened power
of intellect and memory ;
very forgetful
Very ill humoured

Kali ars
Kali carb
Kali phos
Is cautious, very cautious, anxiously cautious, always expecting something could happen. [Phos]. But in Phos it is more clairvoyance, he just feels it will happen. In Caust it is a mental process. He thinks about everything that could happen in order to avoid it. Full of cares. Always thinks that he has forgotten something like did I lock the door? Did I switch off the lights ? Very much concerned about everybody. There is much sympathy. Will weep out of sympathy with others. Feel uncomfortable on injustice. This may incite them to rebellion.
Every form of anxiety is worse in the evening. Fear of darkness.

Has an anxiety about the future.
Has anxiety of conscience.
He will sense the fear in his stomach and usually there will be some cardiac symptoms.
Keynotes for digitalis are slow pulse and the desire for bitter things.

There is a contrast with Aconite, the excited , intense aspect is lacking. Anxiety from pending ordeal such as examination or other event. Can tend towards hysteria but more often become dazed .Often has diarrhoea

Feel anxious , worried, uncontrollable when they are quiet, when they are resting. Feeling as if forgotten something like Caust and he has to write everything down. They are loners like Nat m, Sep and Arn. Can not stand hunger and heat.
It is the health condition that preoccupies Kali ars the most . They will have a check up every month, they will visit every specialist and still feel uncomfortable.  The main fear they have is of a heart disease
Anxiety arises from the stomach. They fear to be alone
Angry and irritable Very easily frightened Anxious fears Reticent

Anxiety after being
He will suffer from a
tremendous lack of
self – confidence,
as before an exam.
Forgets everything he learnt,
 he will even not find his
words when he is speaking. 

Nat cab
Nit acid
Rhus tox
Cowardness is a main symptom in Lyc.
Nice outside but tyrant at home
Anxiety while appearing in public and. Before exam ,but once they start they do well

Anxiety comes from plexus solaris.
He has an apprehension in stomach. Restlessness when alone , with desire for company

Anxiety is provoked by thunderstorms or noises or music.
Very civilized, refined, delicate people. Very precise, conscientious about trifles.
Ailments from exposure to sun

Anxiety about health.
They will actually go from one doctor to another and never feel quieted by their diagnosis.
They are difficult to please, not moved by apologies, complaining a lot and they will try to transfer their anxiety into you.
“Are you sure that you will cure me? How many cases have you cured?
Phos and Calc are the most fearful remedies of our materia medica.
 They are easily out of balance.
Enormous anxiety. Like Caust  they fear that something might happen.
Anxiety worse when they are alone.

Very similar to Bry in his anxiety  about the future and his anxiety about the state of his stock market.
Anxiety drives him quickly to despair and suicidal thoughts
Feel anxious that they will never get cured, easily have a forsaken feeling.

Apprehension at night in bed, driving out of bed.
Better motion or tossing about in bed.
Sad , anxious and tearful
Anxiety with fear of death or of being poisoned 

Anxiety drives him to all kinds of fruitless activity, repetitive action, gestures, singing, wringling of hands etc
Fear of cancer or some incurable disease.

(I)                           Professional standardization-  
Homoeopathic medicines dispensed and used since Dr Hahnemann’s Era
Homoeopathic medicines dispensed and packed in this modern era

With availability of blister packing machine, standard of homoeopathic system of medicine has been improved.

(II)                  Maintaining cause-
Along with our homoeopathic medicines which are based upon holistic approach ( including blood group to form symptom totality) if we give due consideration to maintaining cause many life threatening diseases can be managed for example, following justification can be given, particularly for the cases belonging to blood group B.
Symptoms observed in this blood group  :
·        Weak memory
·        General debility
·        Hypoglycaemia after having meal
·        Cramps in calf < during sleep
·        Unrefreshing sleep
·        Prone to Chronic Sinus Infection
·        Higher rate of kidney infection
·        Desire for sweets after meal
·        Desire – ice cream, tomato,
·        Stool- just or few minutes after having wheat in their meals
·        Dislikes for pumpkin. brinjal
Hence the maintaining cause found in this group of patients is:
Dairy products;    Ice cream
CEREALS –          Wheat
VEGETABLES - Pumpkin, radishes, tomato.
Fruits -                 Coconut, pomegranates, star fruit
JUICES -             Tomato juice (ketchup)

Keeping in mind the aforesaid, following Homoeopathic medicines can be used along with constitutional remedy, in order to avail complete cure
1)  Alfa Alfa with ginseng + vitamin b12 concerning symptoms related to indigestion and abdominal discomfort
 2) Lecithin -for anaemia, common in young girls
 3) Gingko biloba- amnesia(nerve tonic)(which begins in elderly persons but also seen in young adults)
 4) kali phos -(to enhance muscle activity and ameliorates the complaints   related to cramps in calf region)
5) Gnaphylium – cramps in calf
6) Petroselenium – kidney infection
7) Collinsonia – sinusitis
8) Mag carb – nervous disorders, fatigue, depression, low immunity. Adequate magnesium is necessary for proper muscle functioning.  Magnesium deficiency promotes excessive muscle tension, leading to muscle spasms, tics, restlessness, and twitches.  This is due to an imbalance of the ratio of calcium to magnesium, as calcium controls contraction, while magnesium controls relaxation. magnesium also affects carbohydrate metabolism in a different manner, as a magnesium deficiency appears to create resistance to insulin,  Insulin resistance increases levels of insulin, which may result in  a form of diabetes.
(III) Clinical   Investigations should be performed in this group of patients
  (1)– Food allergy- for wheat, tomato, coconut.
  (2) HbA1C - glycolated haemoglobin-more prone to type I diabetes
  (3) Serum creatinine & serum potassium –kidney functioning
            (4)  Serum iron-
a) Elevated in  HaemochromatosisAplastic anaemiaHaemosiderosisHaemolytic    anaemiasPernicious anaemia
b)Decreased in  Iron deficiency anaemiaNephrosisChronic renal insuffiencyParoxysmal nocturnal haematuria.
EXERCISE Profile :  (three times a week 30 – 40 mins.)       
  Cycling,   swimming,  jogging,  brisk walking
Conclusion : Since the homoeopathic system of medicine is purely based upon keen observation therefore it is the duty of the physician to also analyse and evaluate  the maintaining cause with help of clinical investigation.