Thursday, June 7, 2012


(Cham. - Common Chamomile.)

Unceasing crying and yelling.

Cross and peevish, angry disposition.

Anxious restlessness in mind and body with tossing about.

The child wants to be carried, and is then more quiet.

Oversensitiveness to pain, and of the organs of sense to fresh air and wind.

Twitchings and convulsions of children during dentition.

Pulsating pain, as from concealed suppuration.

Heat and redness of one cheek.

Pains accompanied by thirst and heat.

Perspiration of the head, especially the borders of the hair.

Drowsiness with moaning and staring.

Bad effects from wrath, from coffee and narcotic palliatives.

Aggravation in the night, after breakfast, after suppressed perspiration, on getting warm in bed.

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