Monday, October 3, 2011

Honey And Lemon Juice Diet Home Remedy for Weight Loss

They Laughed When I Told Them This Simple Weight Loss Remedy Melts Away Fat.

There are so many weight loss supplements on the market today that it is truly confusing as to what actually works and what does not. Now here is a statement that will help you clear that confusion...
"Nearly all weight loss pills and weight loss supplements do not work"
Most weight loss pills and supplements are being mass marketed to you for one simple reason...
And many of these weight loss pills are very dangerous for your health as well as being ridiculously expensive. The weight loss industry is fuelled by money, it is not governed for genuine concern for human health.
But do not worry...
I am going to share with you today a 5000 year old natural weight loss remedy that has worked on millions of people to lose bucket loads of fat and this simple remedy will work on you if you simply try it.
And here is even more good news, I am going to share this knowledge with you today...
...Absolutely free
This ancient remedy has worked for over five thousands years. It is a proven winner. This very simple home remedy costs you next to nothing and provides your body with health while helping you strip away truck loads of fat.
And lastly one more benefit is this extraordinary home remedy tastes damn good. In fact it is delicious.
Now you might ask be thinking if this home remedy is so great why is it not being shared and exposed to the whole world....
Well the reason is because...
Million dollar companies can not make money from it because...
You can make this simple honey weight loss remedy from your own home kitchen...
And secondly because the knowledge of this remedy is only contained in the ancient natural healing system known as Ayurvedic Medicine (I am a natural healer in this medical science).
This natural medical system is mostly unknown in the west. Many health secrets are revealed within this system that no other medical science on earth knows.
Ok lets now reveal this secret weight loss home remedy...Drum role...
The remedy is...
Raw Unheated Honey, Fresh Lemon juice and a Glass of room temperature water.
Here is how this amazing remedy works...
The Power of raw unheated honey...
Honey has been used as a home remedy in Ayurvedic medicine to help dissolve fat for thousands of years.
Honey scrapes away and dissolves fat. Fat by nature is oily. Honey has opposite qualities to fat. Honey has a drying astringent quality on fat helping to dissolve it.
According to the ancient medical scriptures raw unheated honey also has the following benefits...
 -anti fat substance
 -easily digestible
 -improves digestion
 -good for the eyes
 -good for the voice
 -gives suppleness to your body
 -purifies and clears the channels
 -bestows contentment
 -heals wounds
 -purifies and heals ulcers
 -gives good color and complexion
 -improves intelligence
 -cures many types of diseases
 -rejuvenates your body
Honey is opposite to sugar. Sugar actually makes you fatter but honey is the only sweet tasting substance that strips away fat.
Honey also should never ever be boiled, heated or cooked. It has been found that cooked or boiled honey has a deformed molecular structure turning it into a toxic glue like substance that sticks to the channels within your body and this glue like substance causes disease.
So please use only raw, unheated honey. Raw unheated honey is pure medicine. Raw unheated honey can be brought from any health food store in the world. It can also be brought on the internet.
The power of lemon juice...
Fresh lemon juice is excellent to help you lose weight. Lemon juice is a...
 -powerful weight loss substance
 -wonderful aid to internal cleansing
 -retards the presence of disease causing bacteria
 -cleanses the liver
 -helps reduce bloating and flatulence
 -aids elimination
 -helps keep your skin clear
The power of a glass of room temperature water...
A simple glass of water upon waking up helps remove constipation and detoxifies your body. A simple glass of water has several healing qualities:
 -Helps remove fatigue
 -Enhances glow of skin
 -Prevents constipation
 -Increases stamina
 -Provides satisfaction
 -Helps the heart
 -Helps digestion
"How to take this potent home remedy"
First thing in the morning as soon as you wake up fill a glass with room temperature or luke warm water, add 1 teaspoon of raw unheated honey and add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, then drink. Take this remedy once every day on a empty stomach.
This home remedy is nature's medicine and is a million times more effective at shedding fat then any weight loss pill. You will be surprised how something so simple as this home remedy can help you not only shed huge amounts of fat but also increase your health and well being.
Now it must be remembered in order to lose weight effectively you need to combine many weight loss principles together.
"While this home remedy is very powerful it needs to be combined with other weight loss principles to be fully effective in a complete weight loss program"
These principles include: mastering your eating habits, eating a healthy diet, special weight loss exercises, potent fat shedding herbal supplements and lastly preventative medicine 

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