Saturday, June 18, 2011

frequently asked questions in homoeopathy

Does Homoeopathy first aggravate the disease?

After taking Homoeopathy medicines, the patient�s complaint sometimes may aggravate in certain rare conditions. Firstly, if the patient has taken non-homoeopathic medicines (prior to the administration of homoeopathic medicines), then those medicines might have suppressed the ailments and after application of homoeopathic medicines, some of those suppressed complaints may reappear. In such case, the patient blames homoeopathy for such aggravation. Secondly, when the homoeopathic medicines rightly chosen for a patient, is employed in slightly higher potency (than required), or the patient is basically hypersensitive, then there may occur a transient intensification of the existing symptoms of the patient (Homoeopathy aggravation). But this aggravated condition does not persist for a long time and is followed by cure.

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